Why a job description is so important

Why a job description is so important

When you employ someone, you must provide them with guidance and instruction. An employee without a job description is like a ship in a storm ‘going nowhere’!

Without a well written job description, a staff member can easily become confused and frustrated. This failure on your part can also limit the disciplinary options available to you if the employee does not perform as you expect.

Unfortunately, many job descriptions are not well written! Here are some common errors…

  • wording a job description in such a vague way that the employee’s performance cannot be measured
  • leaving out key flexibility clauses that should be included to benefit your business (for instance, a new employee may refuse to do the banking because ‘banking’ was not specifically mentioned in the job description).

Flexibility is the key to a good job description. Ensure the wording includes:

  • Purpose of the position
  • Who the person reports to
  • Key responsibilities
  • Flexibility clause
  • Core skills required
  • Occupational health and safety obligations.