Policies and Proceedures

Policies and Proceedures


The Industrial Relations Advisory Group Pty Ltd provide professionally tailored policies and procedures manuals based around your unique business requirements that are all compliant with various acts and regulations which every business must comply with.

You may already have some of these policies and may just want to ‘cherry pick’ one or two policies, procedures, checklists or documents tailored to your business to fulfill your legal obligations.

Not all these policies are provided in a standard tailored manual. Polices include but not limited to:

  1. Business Cards (use and misuse);
  2. Business Property Use;
  3. Children in the workplace;
  4. Client / Employee relationships;
  5. Client Visiting Procedure;
  6. Code of Conduct;
  7. Computer, Internet and Email user policy;
  8. Disclosure of Personal Information;
  9. Drugs and Alcohol;
  10. Employee attire and grooming;
  11. Employee Induction;
  12. Employee Attendance and Absenteeism;
  13. Employee Rosters;
  14. Employment categories and contract of employment;
  15. Equal Opportunity;
  16. Flexibility Policy;
  17. Grievances and workplace disputes;
  18. Health Information Policy;
  19. Housekeeping (WH&S);
  20. Inspection Policy;
  21. KPI Plan;
  22. Laptop Computers;
  23. Leave (all types of leave);
  24. Mobile Phones;
  25. Motor vehicles (Company and Private);
  26. Parental Leave Policy – 6 pages long).
  27. Performance & Misconduct;
  28. Privacy Policy;
  29. Probation and qualifying period;
  30. Recruitment & Selection;
  31. Redundancy Policy;
  32. Social Media Policy;
  33. Staff Training & Development;
  34. Termination of Employment;
  35. Travel Policy;
  36. Travel Expenses Reimbursement;
  37. Working from Home (Telecommuting);
  38. Workplace Ergonomics;
  39. Workplace Harassment & Bullying;
  40. Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement;
  41. Workplace relationships.

Some of these Policies are very substantive while others are concise from 1/3rd of a page to 8 pages long.

Included with the manual besides the forms are the following checklists:

  1. Payment of Salary and wages;
  2. Record keeping checklist;
  3. Resignation Checklist;
  4. Time and Wages record keeping;
  5. Termination Checklist;
  6. Performance Management checklist; and
  7. Fair Work Employee Information Statement.

Included with the manual is the following documentation:

  1. Certificate of Service;
  2. Customer Complaint Form;
  3. Employee Emergency Contacts update form ;
  4. Employee Exit Checklist;
  5. Employee Grievance from;
  6. Employee Leave Form;
  7. Exit Interview form;
  8. Induction Checklist ;
  9. New Employee Information form;
  10. Performance  Appraisal document;
  11. Reference Checklist with lawful questions that can be asked;
  12. Request for Parental Leave;
  13. Small Business Dismissal Guide;
  14. Statement of termination Entitlements;